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Unlock your potential with Luba Fateeva

Executive coaching & Consulting

Luba Fateeva

Get distinct clarity

Understand where you want to go next in your career or your business and what path to choose, next steps to take and who can help you get there.

Make better decisions

When you reach a deeper level
of self-knowledge, business and career related decisions making becomes easier.

Increase self confidence

Dealing with changes in life and business requires a high level of self confidence and resilience which you build by working on your inner strengths.

Potential − Interference = Performance

The brilliant person is the client. I am helping you to discover that. Working with me will give you distinct clarity of your direction in your career or business, building internal strengths and enhancement of your soft skills.

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Hey there!

I’m Luba Fateeva

I am a certified Executive Coach accredited by the Academy of Executive Coaching and a digital marketing strategist with 18 years of international business experience.

I have worked in transformation programs within leading global companies in IT tech, energy and logistics: T-Systems, Shell and FedEx. I believe that people need to feel truly supported on their career journey and that happens best in a relationship based intervention like coaching. I get a lot of energy helping people navigate their careers, maximize the benefits, improve performance and grow fast.

My unique approach is based on the highly customized approach to each client with face-to-face interactions and use of an individual assessment of qualities, potential directions for personality development, potential areas of growth and limitations.

My  mission

To grow strong and effective leaders of the new generation driven by sustainable foundations, who will lead people, teams and organizations into higher growth areas.


Who is it for —

aspiring professionals, who are willing to make a career or business jump or transition to a higher level, make an impact in their work environment and be recognized as strong and effective leaders.

Individual session of 60 min
Focus on how you can reach your career potential or business objectives
Action-oriented conversation where I will listen to you and ask questions to help you increase self-awareness
Book 1-1 coaching
Group training within a company
Focus on developing soft skills
Action-oriented conversation where I will listen to you and ask questions to help you increase self-awareness
Book leadership training
Group coaching session
Action-oriented session focused on one topic of discussion and development
Enhanced learning through group discussion
Book group coaching

Grab a Freebie

Values Guide

Values Guide

Find out about your values and what drives you when making decisions and difficult choices. Use the simple exercise to help you with that.

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Planning Guide - 4 types of planning

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Time Management Guide - ME TIME

Time Management Guide - ME TIME

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"Luba is a phenomenal listener who combines the knowledge of business and psychology, asks thought-provoking questions and offers practical suggestions. As a result, I have learnt a lot about values, which helps me approach opportunities and decision-making more rationally, and make sure it is true to me. With Luba’s help, I could identify areas of change and focus on taking action. This was done in a safe yet challenging environment. Being Luba’s coachee has been a truly rewarding experience, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to identify their areas of personal and professional growth and progress in their careers."

Anastasia Pinchuk
Anastasia Pinchuk
Events Manager

“Luba made me feel comfortable and safe to talk about my problems. Every session with her was a pleasure and eye opener. I started seeing things from the other perspective by her asking the right questions and helping me to understand why I’m acting the way I do. Thanks to her I have created space for myself to do what I like. I got rid of the habits that were not needed in fact and that were not doing any good to me. I do not care as much anymore what others might think of me. I do see myself as valuable person that can still achieve a lot in this life.”

Sylwia Lazarska
Staff Council Secretary HR, Shell

“Luba really helped me to take a better look into myself and certain scenarios. Thanks to her I was able to have a clearer perspective on my career and possible career paths, as well as learn from my reaction in specific situations to learn more about myself and my interactions with others and what effects they have on my professional life.”

Joël Haas
E-commerce and Marketing Bureau

“With Luba's guidance, I better understood my professional identity, skills, and values. While I have not yet transitioned to a new role, I now clearly understand what steps I need to take to get there and am more confident in my abilities and potential. Overall, Luba's help was invaluable in helping me navigate this process and gain a deeper understanding of myself, my professional goals and potential career paths.”

Elena Sudakova

Coaching that works

When you choose to work with me as your coach you choose a partner, who will actively listen and engage into your story. I do not provide advice, nor will you get step by step instructions from me. When I coach, I draw upon various tools and techniques and deeply explore a client’s development plans, aspirations, situations and behaviors you want to change.

As I have worked both in the corporate and business worlds, I understand the complexities, challenges, and opportunities that they have. I am an international, who lived and worked abroad. I am an ambassador of diversity and inclusiveness and a huge learning and development enthusiast. Plus, I’m passionate about helping people make empowered life and profound changes.